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IMG, ESI and Pharos Advisors form strategic partnership to develop Executive Interim Management in Brazil

posted Oct 14, 2015, 1:43 AM by Webmaster IMGroup   [ updated Oct 14, 2015, 2:14 AM ]

Consulting firms join competencies and teams to focus on US companies in Brazil and Brazilian companies expanding to the US.

Opposing trends of the two economies generate growing demand for fast and effective resources for Management of Transitions, Restructuring and Performance Improvement 

São Paulo, May/15/2015

The InterManagement Group (IMG),, Brazilian consultancy specializing in Business Development and Executive Interim Management Services, located in São Paulo announces the creation of a strategic partnership with ES Interims (ESI),, dedicated to providing Contingent Executive Resources for corporations, private equity funds and fast-growing medium-size companies and Pharos Advisors (Pharos),, a Brazilian financial advisor with focused expertise in maximizing returns in Brazilian assets by providing services in Operational & Strategic areas, Cash Management and Corporate Governance assistance.

"Together IMG, ESI and Pharos meet a need that is growing rapidly in the Brazilian market, mainly by multinational companies and private equity firms that either already have or plan to have operations in Brazil, for experienced, multicultural executives who can deal with the adversities and especially the instabilities of the country "says Fernando Mello, managing partner of IMG.

Jim Stewart, CEO of ES Interims noted "Our partnership will create an international bridge between an experienced team based in São Paulo, with a deep understanding of how to succeed

in the complex but always attractive Brazilian market, and ES Interims with offices throughout the US, with our international interim executive team offering a local interface for  North American customers."

“International Private Equities firms with local investments will surely benefit from this newly created partnership that will provide not only interim managerial services but proven assistance in maximizing value in local assets that are in turnaround situations”, says John Koutras, Managing Partner of Pharos Advisors.

The US economy shows a strong trend towards recovery and growth, having definitely overcome the successive crises of 2008 and 2011. The acceleration of the American locomotive historically leads to a large-scale generation and release of capitals, exceeding the domestic demand, which is primarily destined to the largest economies and world markets, especially Brazil. The appreciation of the US dollar, which is expected to last for quite some time, makes the production and export from the United States less competitive, while international assets become relatively cheap, thus creating a natural channel for the attraction of excess productive capitals towards economies like Brazil.

On the other hand, the Brazilian economy is going through a down cycle, which should also last for a long time, and which will inexorably lead to a reduction of input and labor costs, and increased focus and competitiveness in exports. US companies with operations or interests in Brazil will have to adapt quickly, with speed, competence and management strength, without increasing their costs. A new wave of acquisitions, sales, mergers and restructuring of businesses has already begun, creating new challenges and opportunities for companies with strategic vision. "Appropriate action and reaction capability at this time can make the difference between success and failure in the long run. Executive Interim/Transition Management Services, relatively new concepts here, are quite interesting alternatives in this context" explains Fernando Mello.

International Private Equity firms have been rather active in Brazil in the last years. Large and middle market assets have attracted investors from all around the world. “The downturn in the local economy has brought to the surface several underlining issues that have been brewing for some time. These are some of the situations that this partnership can assist with its established network of professionals and proven expertise”, stated John Koutras.

Interim executives represent a solution to the growing need for business managers that are pragmatic, super-qualified, experienced and multicultural, for a limited period of time, or just for the duration of a project or a business cycle, providing the necessary knowledge, skills and accountability “on-demand”. “This is all the more true as the corporate environment become more unstable and difficult to bear by professionals looking for career development," added the IMG managing partner.

InterManagement Group (IMG)

IMG was created in 2006, in São Paulo, Brazil, in response to the lack of "execution consultancies ", keen to help customers with the most difficult part of any business plan: make it happen. IMG counts with a talent pool composed of dozens of c-level, senior executives, with long, successful careers ahead of multinational companies in a wide range of industries and roles. IMG’s Interim Executives assume responsibilities, lead and take effective participation on their clients’ operational, managerial and decision-making processes. More information can be found at:

ES Interims (ESI)

ESI is the premier interim resource for highly-qualified, results oriented interim executives, with offices in Dallas and Houston, Texas, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Raleigh, North Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia and Vail, Colorado. The company maintains a proprietary international network with thousands of executives and specialists, allowing it to quickly identify “hard to find” business professionals for “hard-to-fill” interim positions. More information can be found at www.esinterims. com.


Pharos Advisors (Pharos)

Pharos Advisors is a Brazilian consulting firm founded in 2007 operating from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The firm specializes in assisting middle market local assets of foreign investors in debt restructuring and turnaround situations. It has been active in a variety of industries such as consumer goods, beverages and industrial manufacturing. More information can be found at


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